When to Help Your Aging Parent

Aging can be difficult for anyone, including the children of aging parents. Age can sneak up on us; mental and physical health can deteriorate quickly if we’re not monitoring and treating problems as they arise. That’s why the children of aging parents take on an important role: to be aware of and get their parents the help they need when they need it. It’s important for adult children to know that they play a vital role in extending their parents’ long-term health, and why it’s necessary for them to seriously research solutions such as assisted living communities that can make both their lives and their parents’ lives easier.

To be able to provide proper care for your parents, there needs to be good communication all around. Physical issues are easier to spot than mental and emotional, but all three are equally crucial to keep an eye out for! Having an open line of communication with your parent can ensure that problems are being solved early in their development, which in turn will promote a longer and healthier life. 

The following are just a few common signs that the children of aging parents can look out for. If your parent is exhibiting any of these, it may be time to consider that they need some extra assistance:

  • Change in attitude, mood, and personality
  • They develop a negative outlook on life
  • Not able to keep up with their landscaping, such as mowing the grass
  • Deteriorating interior of home / home getting messier
  • Forgetfulness
  • Missing important appointments
  • Lack of meals / groceries spoiling
  • Weight loss
  • Poor hygiene
  • Unexplained bruises and injuries
  • Confusion / inability to perform daily tasks
  • Slower movement
  • Loss of interest / depression
  • Forgetting to take medications

The bottom line is that anything out of character or struggling with familiar tasks is a sign that there should be a conversation about what’s going on and what to do with your loved one’s future. There are plenty of resources available that can provide your parent with the care they need, while giving you the peace of mind so you can enjoy spending quality time together.

Aging isn’t easy, but having a network and support system is important for you and your aging loved one. Thankfully, there are options such as Sandia Senior Suites assisted living homes in Albuquerque that allow you to still visit and be close with your parent while they receive the care, guidance, and assistance they need with daily tasks and more. If you’re looking to give your elderly loved one the care they deserve while still ensuring they maintain their independence, then look no further than Sandia Senior Suites! We provide personalized, compassionate care to help our guests age gracefully, healthily, and happily! To learn more, give us a call today!