Five Low-Intensity Exercises for Seniors

elderly man working with woman on physical exercises

Exercising is just as important as drinking water when it comes to staying healthy! Many of us think of exercising as being a strenuous activity, but it can be as easy as going for a relaxing walk each day, or depending on your fitness level, can be more intense like going for a swim. As we age, it can get harder to move around and be active because of physical restrictions such as low mobility in your joints, arms, or legs. However, there are many low-intensity exercises for seniors that make it possible to exercise and gain back or maintain the strength and balance you have and get your body moving so that you can continue to lead a long, healthy life!

Exercises for Great Health

Whether you’re in assisted living care or aging in place, doctors encourage low-intensity exercise for aging adults to increase range of motion for performing day-to-day activities. By increasing your range of movement, you can lessen your chances of injury and falls while you are traveling, playing with grandkids, cooking, or even while performing other exercises. By getting out and moving each day, you’ll immediately notice the difference while improving your balance, flexibility, strength, circulation, posture, and morale! In turn, these benefits can ease the pain and pressure you feel in certain joins and parts of your body!

By utilizing some of the exercises below, you can gain back your healthy and independent lifestyle and feel more in control of your body. Here are just a few examples of low-intensity exercise you can start doing immediately that will improve your day-to-day-life:

Yoga – Yoga is a fantastic routine to get into that promotes both gentle stretching and calming practices at the same time. Yoga is a great way to destress and focus on what you’re feeling in your body and mind all while still working on your balance and warming up your muscles.

Stretching – Simple and gentle stretching of the muscles you use most can help with flexibility and range of motion. By stretching the muscles in your neck, shoulders, hips, chest, thighs, and calves, it will feel much easier to go on walks, move about your space, cook, garden, and even do other exercises.

Walking – Taking daily walks can promote healthy blood flow. This wakes your body up and helps with your stability and balance. Slow walks can be very beneficial to your physical and mental health, and most importantly, requires no special equipment or training!

Swimming – Swimming is great for seniors because it displaces your weight and is easier on your joints than other exercises such as running on pavement. Treading water or simply just walking in water helps with blood flow, gets you moving, and works your muscles in a more creative and relaxing way!

Balance – Balance exercises such as standing on one leg and raising your arm or placing one foot directly in front of the other and walking a line can help with your balance and stability and significantly lessen your chances of slipping and falling.

By utilizing any of these exercises, seniors can increase their health and promote positive changes in their mental and physical well-being. Not only does exercise help our bodies heal and stay strong, but it also does a lot to liven up our mood and confidence. Practicing these low-intensity exercises on a daily basis will make a visible difference in yours or your loved one’s life. At Sandia Senior Suites, our Albuquerque assisted living facility offers our guests a chance to participate in daily activities such as yoga so our community can be happy and healthy! Call us today at (505) 792-8686 to learn more about the programs and services we offer our seniors!