6 Benefits of Choosing Assisted Living

nurse helping with medication

Whether it’s for you or a beloved family member, making the choice to move to an Albuquerque assisted living community can be a difficult decision and is usually met with several questions such as: “What exactly is assisted living?” Unlike a nursing home, an assisted living facility allows you to keep your independence as you age, and caretakers assist with necessary daily activities like meals, transportation, bathing, dressing, and medication. This idea of assisted living gives the elderly the benefit of a flexible living arrangement that adapts to their specific needs and the option of a better alternative than living alone at home where injuries and loneliness can often occur.

The Benefits
According to the CDC, ten thousand people turn 65 every day, and one out of three of those older individuals is said to have limitations with simple daily activities. Assisted living facilities typically fall in between your home and a nursing home, by offering a more home-like setting with the freedom and privacy of your own home, but with the assistance needed as you age such as you’d receive from a nursing home. A senior living community can offer many benefits as you get older, and below are just a few of the great advantages you’ll find if you choose a facility such as Sandia Senior Suites in Albuquerque:

  • Socialization – Independent living facilities allow seniors to be around other seniors, usually while engaging in fun activities to help boost morale. A big problem found among seniors is that when they typically age in their home, they become lonely and don’t have many visitors. Assisted living communities encourages friendships and camaraderie, and provides opportunities for them to engage in low-intensity activities such as yoga, walking, and stretching.
  • Safety – Safety is a major concern as you age, especially when living at home, your chance of falling and ending up in the hospital increases. In assisted living facilities, you are surrounded by caretakers and modified rooms designed specifically for making it easier to get around—including walk-in showers and handle bars for stability. No more worrying about you or your loved one hurting themselves while no one is around!
  • Meals and Medication – As you age, it can become harder to prepare meals for yourself and to remember to take your medication. Feel peace of mind having caretakers around to cook healthy meals three times a day and provide medication reminders—No more missing doses!
  • No Need to Maintain a Yard/Home – Maintenance of a home is already difficult enough for most, but imagine doing it when you don’t have as much mobility as you used to. Bending over to pick things up or clean and keeping up with landscaping can prove to be a very strenuous and almost impossible task. At an assisted living facility, you can eliminate all of the need to do that, with caretakers around to help with daily activities such as laundry, cleaning, and more.
  • Transportation – As you get older, it becomes increasingly more hazards to drive on the road. When you live in assisted senior housing, you can receive help getting around when you need, to get to doctor’s appointments or run errands.
  • Daily activities – Caretakers are there to assist you with whatever you need, whether it’s help getting dressed, going to the bathroom, eating your daily snacks and meals, or getting around. This gives you the freedom you desire all while having someone there that you can lean on if need be.

Elderly adults in assisted living homes can lead more independent, happier, and healthier lives—in turn, increasing life expectancy and quality of life. It can be a little scary learning how to age, but it helps to be among others who are going through the same thing. Be happy and feel peace of mind knowing that you are starting a new journey, one with new friends and helpful people around you that want to see you live life as fully as possible and thrive!

If you’re interested in learning more about how an assisted living facility such as Sandia Senior Suites in Albuquerque can help you or a loved one lead a safe, happy, and independent life, give us a call today!